Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started with Formant.

    Updating the agent

    Formant supports over-the-air update of the agent. To update an agent, go to the device page

    From the burger menu  select Settings⇒ Devices ⇒  to edit the device

    Under the General tab, go to Summary section -> Agent version

    Agent version displays the current version of the agent along with a button to update the agent to the newest version. Click on the Update button to update the agent and then click Save at the bottom right corner of the page.


    The agent will clear local buffers on Update. This will typically not cause any data loss, but in case any data is backed up in the agent local buffer due to network connectivity issues, that data will be lost.

    If the button is disabled and says Update disabled, it means that the agent deployed on the device does not support OTA. This could either be because OTA is disabled on the agent or because you are running an old version (< 0.74.30) of the agent.

    To enable OTA on the agent, please visit installing agent from the terminal.

    To update an older version of the agent, run the following commands by logging into the device.

    Update the agent from terminal

    You can run the following commands to update and restart the Formant agent.

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade formant-agent
    sudo systemctl restart formant-agent
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