Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started with Formant.

    Adding and removing users

    A user is a member of your Formant organization team. An administrator can view existing users, edit existing users (including changing their status between Admin and Member), delete users, and invite new users.  An invited user will receive an email invitation, to which they must respond, in order to join the Formant organization.  

    From the burger menu  select Settings  ⇒ Users

    Add a new user

    To add a new user, Click on the Add User button.

    Enter the user’s name, email address and assign a role [Admin, Operator, User]

    Want to learn more about user roles?

    Roles represent a collection of users. Read more about roles here.

    Remove user

    To remove a user, click on the  icon next to the user’s details.

    Then, click on the icon and then confirm by clicking OK in the dialog menu. This is a permanent deletion and cannot be reversed.

    Once a user is removed from the system, all data related to that user will be deleted. You can always add the user back as a new user, but no metadata will be saved. 

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