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From remote debugging to data discovery, learn how Formant works from top to bottom.

    Configure cameras

    Robots can have different types of cameras connected. This document walks through configuring cameras typically found on robots to ingest data into Formant.

    IP cameras

    IP cameras are cameras on your local network, that you can connect to using RTSP or RTMP and get a video stream. 



    IP Cameras have more latency than USB cameras ~250ms (sometimes up to 2 seconds based on how you view their stream)

    To configure IP cameras on Formant, go to the device configuration (or config template):

    From the burger menu  select Settings⇒ Devices ⇒ Telemetry or Teleoperation ⇒ IMAGE+ ⇒ Add from hardware

    Hardware type: ip

    RTSP URI of IP camera: rtsp://<username>:<password>@<ip>:<port>/H264

    Examples of rtsp URI:


    For RTMP streaming, use rtmp://<ip>:<port>/steam/live  

    Encoding required: Some rtsp streams are mpeg-4 or jpeg. In these cases Formant needs to decode them and re-encode them into H264. Turn this switch to ON if the video needs to be encoded. Our frontend decoder only supports constrained-baseline or baseline H264 encoding “Profiles”.Some IP cameras let you change to baseline profile, but some are locked to main or high. If we detect that your camera is streaming the wrong profile, we decode it, and re-encode it with the correct profile.

    Supports ONVIF: Some RTSP IP cameras are PTZ cameras and are controllable through a standard interface such as ONVIF --  ONVIF also supports discovery. Formant supports ONVIF for discovery, connection and PTZ control. Please note that ONVIF does not apply to RTMP streams.

    USB cameras

    USB cameras connects to the computer through a USB port on the machine. Most cameras connected to the computer are like this, USB webcams, builtin cameras etc. USB cameras have very low latency, are easy to capture, control and debug.

    Hardware type: usb

    Hardware path to USB camera: This is the path to the USB device on the Linux machine /dev/video<x>

    Quality of the video: 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p

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