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    Reprovision an agent

    During the lifecycle of a robot, it is common to have to re-image or replace a robot. In those cases, it is important the robot be reprovisioned instead of being added as a new robot. Reprovisioning an agent ensures that new agent assumes the identity of the previous agent and hence the data will appear as though it is from the same device.

    Prior to reprovisioning a device, ensure that the agent is either stopped or uninstalled. 


    Once you proceed with the reprovisioning flow, the current token will expire and the device will be invalidated and hence will stop ingesting data. 

    Step 1: Generate a new token

    From the burger menu Settings ⇒ Devices ⇒ <device name> ⇒  ⇒ reprovision

    Confirm that you want to proceed by clicking on OK. Copy the 1-liner and proceed to the next step.

    Step 2: Apply the provisioning token on the device

    If an agent was installed on this machine, first remove the old credentials from  ~/formant/credentials.toml. Copy and paste the token from the 1-liner. The token part of the 1-liner is similar to the one highlighted above. Use the token and run the following commands:

    export FORMANT_PROVISIONING_TOKEN="your new token goes here" && formant-agent

    It should recognize there is no credentials and see the environment variable to use and start the agent.

    If the device was reimaged or an agent was never installed on the device, copy and paste the 1-liner from the provisioning flow on to the device. 

    bash <(wget -qO - thisisthetoken

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