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    Delete, disable or uninstall agent

    During the lifecycle of a robot, it is common to have to replace a robot. In those cases, it is important the robot be reprovisioned instead of deleted. However, there are also cases where a robot or not needed anymore and needs to be deleted permanently. 

    Delete agent from the robot

    Click on the More menu of the device that you want to delete. 

    From the burger menu select Settings ⇒ Devices⇒  <device> ⇒   ⇒  Delete device

    Accept the confirmation with 'Yes' and the device will be deleted from the Formant database. You will still have to uninstall the agent from the device using the following command.

    sudo apt remove formant-agent --purge

    Disable agent

    There might be times when you want to temporarily disable an agent. The agent will not be uninstalled in this case and will only be disabled. 

    An agent can be disabled by running the following commands:

    1. Set service_enable flag to false

    echo formant-agent formant-agent/service_enable boolean "false" | sudo debconf-set-selections

    2. Restart agent by running the following:

    systemctl restart formant-agent

    To enable the agent, create a new token using the reprovisioning flow. 

    Uninstall agent

    An agent cannot be uninstalled from the web application. Data from the device will not be deleted even when the agent is uninstalled. The agent can be uninstalled by running the following commands on the device:

    sudo apt remove formant-agent

    If you want to remove the agent data from the device, use the following command:

    sudo apt remove formant-agent --purge

    Reinstall agent 

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install formant-agent
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