Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started with Formant.


    A channel (either regular or device) is aligned to a moment in time, which is controlled via the timeline at the bottom of the screen. 

    From the timeline, users can do the following:

    • Enable Live mode, which streams live data from the device
    • Navigate to a specific date by clicking the "date" button on the timeline
    • Change intervals from minutes, hours, days, or months by clicking on  SPEED
    • Change playback speed from 0.5X (slow motion) all the way to 16X
    • Seek back and forth using the "seek" button 
    • Move the timeline scrubber to navigate to different time intervals or at custom speed


    A datapoint is the atomic unit of telemetry data. Datapoints belong to a Telemetry Stream.

    Each datapoint contains a timestamp, a payload, and an optional set of Tags. For simple numeric or text datapoints, the payload is a value. For complex datapoints like images or point clouds, the payload is a reference to an asset.

    Users can seek between datapoints using the seek buttons. Sometimes these datapoints are very close together and it might not appear as if the timeline has moved. To help visualize distinct datapoints in such cases, one can alter the time interval to a more granular unit of measure. 

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