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    Using tags to filter channels

    A tag is a key-value pair assigned to a piece of information or entity (such as devices, data points, alerts, or interventions). This is used as metadata to describe or categorize the item and allows one to find it more readily by filtering or searching. Tags can be used to filter and aggregate an organization’s data along multiple dimensions. They play a fundamental role in slicing and dicing one's data into clearly organized and accessible segments.

    • Tags often represent a concept that can grow to take on additional possible values over the lifetime of your application, such as a software_version, customer_id, or robot_id.
    • Tags often encode additional metadata about the source of one's measurement as well, as opposed to simply a description. 

    Interested in using tags?

    Please read our documentation on how to slice and dice data using tags

    There are primarily four types of tags displayed when data or assets need to be filtered.
    1. Device - Allows users to choose the relevant devices for a regular channel. This filter is not relevant to specific device channels, as device channels only display data for a single device.

    2. Telemetry Streams - Allow users to choose the specific streams relevant to their particular channel or view.

    3. Data Visualization Type - Allows users to choose the relevant visualization types for this channel.

    4. User-defined tags - Users can define custom tags to group devices, streams or datapoints. These tags appear along with all the other filters available in the system. For more information on creating tags, please refer to creating tags to slice and dice data.

    When user-defined tags are used on datapoints, there might be several special datapoints within a stream that have tags, while other datapoints might not have the same tag or any tag at all. Hence, for filters on user-defined tags, choosing none will display datapoints and streams that do not have the specific tag attached to it.

    Filtering data in a channel using tags

    Data within a channel can be filtered down to the specific set of interesting data by clicking on the filtericon. Within a regular channel, it will show all the four types of tags as filters.

    For example, see a regular channel named #all below. 

    In addition to device, streams (telemetry stream), and type (visualization type), it also shows the user-defined tags that can be used for filtering down the data viewable within a channel.

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