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    Visualize robot model with URDF

    Proprioception of the robot based on its joint states is important for remote operators. It helps the operator understand the state as well as (along with pointclouds and semantic labels) provide more contextual awareness. To visualize the robot model with URDF (Universal Robot Description Format), there are two steps to be done in Formant.

    Step 1: Create URDF .zip file

    Create a new folder and add the .urdf file and all of its dependencies, such as .dea files. Zip that file for use in the next step.

    Step 2: Upload the URDF .zip file in Device Settings

    To upload URDF file, go to the device page (or to the corresponding configuration template)

    From the burger menu  select Settings⇒ Devices ⇒  to edit the device

    Under the General tab, go to URDF section -> Add URDF

    Choose the URDF .zip file from your local machine. This file gets uploaded to the Formant Cloud Files. 

    Step 3: Configure teleoperation view to include URDF

    Once the URDF file is uploaded, go to the teleoperation tab on the same device. There are two items that should be completed on this tab.

    1. Add the joint state ROS topic as a stream.

    Click on JOINT STATE  to add new joint state ROS topic.

    2. Add the stream to the Primary view


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    Sometimes, uploading a URDF to Formant requires manual manipulation of the URDF XML. If you are experiencing difficulties with your URDF in Formant, reach out at

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