Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started with Formant.

    APIs & development env

    You can use APIs to interact with the Formant agent installed on a device or robot as well as to query or ingest data into the Cloud. The agent Python SDK can be used to to ingest data through the agent. Since it interacts directly with the agent, it requires the agent to be running. The Cloud Python SDK can be used to interact (query and ingest datapoints) directly with the Cloud backend. 

    In both the cases, it is necessary to install formant sdk. It will also install the required dependencies to communicate with the agent's gRPC interface.

    pip install formant


    pip3 install formant

    The formant module works in Python ^2.7 and ^3.6.

    For more information on interacting with the agent using SDK, read our agent Python SDK and  for more information about the interacting with the Cloud backend, read our Cloud Python SDK documentation.

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