Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started with Formant.

    Navigating the web application

    Overview/Home page

    The Overview page is the home and starting point of the Formant web application. Clicking on the Formant icon from anywhere within the application will take you to the Overview page. 

    The Overview page consists of four sections:

    Rollup of device state 

    This section shows you the total number of devices grouped by their online or offline status.

    Rollup of all events grouped by notification type

    This section shows the total number of events in your organization grouped by notification type. By clicking on this section, one can navigate to a page containing a complete list of all events. 

    Device status

    This section shows each of your devices, beginning with one's favorites, then all devices that are currently online, followed by an alphabetized list of up to 30 remaining devices. Each device box shows the total number of notifications pending on the device grouped by notification type.

    Status of devices on regular channels

    This section shows all the regular channels with a 30-day history of all notifications, grouped by notification type.

    Burger Menu

    This is the Formant platform's primary navigation menu. This is the page from which one can search for channels, navigate to regular or device channels, as well as gain access to the Utilities menu and one's user profile.


    This tab encompasses all the channels, regular and device, that are used for observability.


    This tab is only enabled when there are one or more tele-operable devices online. It encompasses the entirety of remote device command operation. 


    This tab is only enabled and displayed if Analytics is enabled within Formant. If you do not see this tab, but want to enable Analytics, please contact Formant support. Analytics boards provide the aggregate view of all one's telemetry data.

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    Search for devices, channels, boards, or commands.

    Settings Menu

    This menu contains all the administrative settings available within Formant. This is where devices, users, commands, events, configurations, and more get created, deleted, or configured.

    Utilities Menu

    This menu navigates to all the utilities available within Formant. 

    ROSbag Viewer

    Using the ROSbag viewer, users can drag and drop a ROSbag file to view logs, plots, camera feeds, and point clouds directly from the browser.


    Capture allows you to live stream all of one's robotic data using the web browser from any personal device. This gives one the ability to simultaneously observe all data streams within the existing real-time observability dashboards. 

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