Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started with Formant.

    Design Goals

    Leave a minimal footprint

    Most robotics applications have limited resource budgets. That's why, where resources are required, it's imperative that one uses them efficiently and provides configuration. Where security is concerned, don’t expand the attack surface opaquely or unnecessarily.

    Use widely-adopted standards

    Wherever possible, use the standards, protocols, and technologies that power mature, healthy developer ecosystems— leverage their speed of development, adoption, and scale.

    Support out-of-the-box integration with common robotics middlewares like ROS and OPC-UA, without being bound too tightly to any one of them in particular.

    Support integrations

    Build first-class experiences around requirements that are unique to robotics. For example, robotics data is unique in its size, structure, and semantics.

    However, robotics data is also lean on integrations when existing products or tools solve a problem well (e.g. Pagerduty for incident response management).

    Consider the robotics application lifecycle

    Support the full lifecycle of a robotics application, from early proof-of-concept development to operating large fleets in production. This means providing features and user ergonomics that meet the needs of not just engineers, but business owners, operations teams, and the customers of our users.

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