Getting Started

Everything you need to know to get started with Formant.

    Built-in Commands

    Formant agent has support for commands that are built-in to the agent. This makes it easier for users to start using commands without having to write code. 

    The built-in commands that come with the Formant agents are defined below:

    Command Definition




    Get a file from the device. This causes a file to be ingested

    Absolute file path on the device


    Publishes a message to a ROS topic

    String to be published to the specified ROS topic


    Run a script on the device

    Absolute file path on the device. The script should start with shebang.

    To use a built-in command, first add a command with the definition from the above table. The parameter should be enabled and set to the desired value. If the parameter value is not set, then it is collected from the user when they issue the command.

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