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    Send events to PagerDuty

    Formant can send events to Pagerduty that can then be filtered, assigned and responded to by assignees

    Connect to PagerDuty

    From the burger menuSettings ⇒ Integration ⇒ PagerDuty   ⇒ Connect
    • Choose the PagerDuty email and password or subdomain you would like to connect
    • Click on Authorize Integration.
    • Configure the Formant Integration: you can either choose an existing service or choose a new service and click on Finish Integration.

    Events will now be published to the Slack channel chosen by the administrator.

    Remove PagerDuty integration

    From the burger menuSettings ⇒ Integration ⇒ PagerDuty ⇒ Disconnect

    Once you click on Yes at the confirmation window, the integration will be removed.

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