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From remote debugging to data discovery, learn how Formant works from top to bottom.

    Export data from Formant

    There are 3 ways to export data from Formant

    Export data from web interface

    Data can be exported from either a specific module or for an entire device. 

    Export from a specific module:

    Click on more menu  at the top of the module and choose Export data. 

    Enter the time window to export data. Timeline dictates the start time from which to retrieve data.

    Export from the whole device:

    Click on more menu  at the top of the channel and choose Export.

    Export data using fctl

    fctl provides a powerful interface to the Formant data backend. You can use the query command to get data from your robots at any point in time. Similar to tail you can also follow in real-time as data flows into Formant. For detailed information, checkout our documentation on fctl query.

    Export data into Objectstore

    Data can be ingested directly into your bucket in Amazon S3. Please contact on to configure this.

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