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    Data FAQ

    How long will the data be accessible on the servers before we need / should export them to another storage solution?

    Data retention is a parameter that you control. The default is one month, but it can be increased upon request with a corresponding increase in consumption cost.

    In which format is the data stored?

    Telemetry data points are stored using a simplified JSON representation of the original messages. Rich media assets like point clouds, video clips, files, or images are stored in binary format.

    In which format can we export the data?

    Data exports will be in the same form that we store it. This representation is optimized for easy use in ingestion to other tools, data science or machine learning pipelines, and efficient storage.

    Is there a backup solution for the data in place or do we need to add this from ourselves?

    We maintain backups for all customer data. If you would like to also maintain your own backups, we offer a managed export solution to an AWS S3 data bucket that you can connect.

    What encoding formats does formant support for video streams from image messages?

    Image topics with type sensor_msgs/Image will be streamed with H264 video compression. The Formant agent will accept the following values for the "encoding" property of Image messages:

     rgb8 rgba8 bgr8 bgra8 mono8 mono16 yuv422

    If your "encoding" value is unsupported, you may be able to adjust the "encoding" property of the image message, without changing the underlying data. In some cases, you will need to transform both the data and the "encoding" property to supported values. Please contact us if you run into these issues.

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